Saves or creates an equipment set with the player's currently equipped items. If a set with the same name already exists, that set's contents are overwritten.

Set names are case sensitive: if a "Fishing" set already exists, saving a "fishing" set will create a new set instead of overwriting the "Fishing" set.

See also Equipment Manager functions.


SaveEquipmentSet("name", icon)


  • name - Name of the set (string)
  • icon - Index of an icon to associate with the set: between 1 and GetNumMacroIcons() for an icon from the set of macro icons; values between -INVSLOT_FIRST_EQUIPPED and -INVSLOT_LAST_EQUIPPED for the icon of an item in the equipment set at that (negative) inventoryID (number)
This function does not prompt the user for confirmation before its results take effect -- that behavior is provided by the default UI, and this function is called from the confirmation dialog