Report a player to a GM.

See also Complaint functions.


ReportPlayer("reportType", lineID, comment) or ReportPlayer("reportType", "pending", comment)


  • reportType - Type of offense to report the player for. (string, reportType)
  • lineID - lineID of the chat line the player should be reported for. Retrieve it using the chat frame's :GetMessageInfo() method or with arg11 of the respective CHATMSG event. (number)
  • pending - The string 'pending' means the unit set with SetPendingReportTarget(unit) should be reported. (string)
  • comment - Comment to send with the report. Only used for cheating and name reports in the default UI.
This function does not prompt the user for confirmation before its results take effect -- that behavior is provided by the default UI, and this function is called from the confirmation dialog