Requests data from the server for the list of auctions meeting given search criteria. If any search criterion is omitted or nil, the search will include all possible values for that criterion.

Search queries are throttled, preventing abuse of the server by clients sending too many queries in short succession. Normal queries can be sent once every few seconds; mass queries return all results in the auction house instead of one "page" at a time, and can only be sent once every several minutes.

Query results are not returned immediately: the AUCTION_ITEM_LIST_UPDATE event fires once data is available; listing information can then be retrieved using GetAuctionItemInfo() or other Auction APIs.

See also Auction functions.


QueryAuctionItems(["name" [, minLevel [, maxLevel [, invTypeIndex [, classIndex [, subClassIndex [, page [, isUsable [, minQuality [, getAll]]]]]]]]]])


  • name - Full or partial item name to limit search results; will match any item whose name contains this string (string)
  • minLevel - Minimum required character level of items to limit search results (number)
  • maxLevel - Maximum required character level of items to limit search results (number)
  • invTypeIndex - Index of an item inventory type to limit search results (note that GetAuctionInvTypes(classIndex, subClassIndex) returns a list of token, display pairs for each inventory type; thus, to convert a token index from that list for use here, divide by 2 and round up) (number)
  • classIndex - Index of an item class to limit search results (in the list returned by GetAuctionItemClasses()) (number)
  • subClassIndex - Index of an item subclass to limit search results (in the list returned by GetAuctionItemSubClasses(classIndex)) (number)
  • page - Which "page" of search results to list, if more than NUM_AUCTION_ITEMS_PER_PAGE (50) auctions are available; nil to query the first (or only) page (number)
  • isUsable - True to limit search results to only items which can be used or equipped by the player character; otherwise false (boolean)
  • minQuality - Minimum quality (rarity) level of items to limit search results (itemQuality)
  • getAll - True to perform a mass query (returning all listings at once); false to perform a normal query (returning a large number of listings in "pages" of NUM_AUCTION_ITEMS_PER_PAGE [50] at a time) (boolean)
This function must query the remote server, and any results will not be immediately available to the game client. Please see the function's documentation for more information about how to retrieve any results.