Enables or disables saving chat text to a file. Text received via the chat system (but not necessarily all text displayed in chat windows) will be saved to the file Logs/WoWChatLog.txt (path is relative to the folder containing the World of Warcraft client); the file is not actually updated until the player logs out.

Chat text in the log file follows a similar format to its display in-game, but with added timestamps.

See also Chat functions.


isLogging = LoggingChat(toggle)


  • toggle - True to enable chat logging; false to disable; omit to just return the current state (boolean)


  • isLogging - 1 if chat logging is enabled; otherwise nil (1nil)


-- example log
6/7 16:51:26.790  Gorrok has come online.
6/7 16:51:30.054  [3. tehgladiators] Gorrok joined channel.
6/7 16:52:18.553  |Hchannel:Guild|h[Guild]|h Spin: Bah!
6/7 16:52:27.803  |Hchannel:Guild|h[Guild]|h Spin: Got  Mr. Pinchy, but first one was just a buff
6/7 16:52:41.752  |Hchannel:Guild|h[Guild]|h Valiant: ah well,  maybe the next time
6/7 16:52:57.504  [1. Trade] Yolanda: need healer premade EOTS