Joins a channel, saving associated chat window settings

See also Channel functions.


zoneChannel, channelName = JoinPermanentChannel("name" [, "password" [, chatFrameIndex [, enableVoice]]])


  • name - Name of the channel to join (string)
  • password - Password to use when joining (string)
  • chatFrameIndex - Index of a chat frame (between 1 and NUM_CHAT_WINDOWS) in which to subscribe to the channel (number)
  • enableVoice - True to enable voice in the channel; otherwise false (boolean)


  • zoneChannel - 0 for non-zone channels, otherwise a numeric index specific to that channel (number)
  • channelName - Display name of the channel, if the channel was a zone channel (string)


-- Join a custom channel "Monkeys" with voice enabled
JoinPermanentChannel("Monkeys", nil, 1, 1)