Returns display style information for the currently viewed text item. The value returned can be used to look up background textures and text colors for display:

  • Background textures displayed in the default UI can be found by prepending "Interface\\ItemTextFrame\\ItemText-" and appending "-TopLeft", "-TopRight", "-BotLeft", "-BotRight" to the material string (e.g. "Interface\\ItemTextFrame\\ItemText-Stone-TopLeft").
  • Colors for body and title text can be found by calling GetMaterialTextColors(material) (a Lua function implemented in the Blizzard UI).

In cases where this function returns nil, the default UI uses the colors and textures for "Parchment".

See also Item Text functions.


material = ItemTextGetMaterial()


  • material - String identifying a display style for the current text item, or nil for the default style (string)
    • Bronze - Colored metallic background
    • Marble - Light stone background
    • Parchment - Yellowed parchment background (default)
    • Silver - Gray metallic background
    • Stone - Dark stone background