Returns item info for the given void storage slot. Will only return data when IsVoidStorageReady returns true.

See also Void storage functions.


itemID, texture, locked, recentDeposit, isFiltered, quality = GetVoidItemInfo(tab, slot)


  • tab - Index of void storage tab (either 1 or 2) (number)
  • slot - Index of void storage content item slots (between 1 and 80) (number)


  • itemID - id of the item contained at the given slot (number)
  • texture - fileDataID for the icon texture for the item (number)
  • locked - true if the item is locked; otherwise false. Items become locked while being moved, or placed into other UI elements (such as withdrawal). (boolean)
  • recentDeposit - true if the item was recently deposited; otherwise false. Such an item will be highlighted in the storages content. (boolean)
  • isFiltered - true if the item is filtered by the search function; otherwise false. Such an item will be 'grayed out'. (boolean)
  • quality - quality of the item (number)