Return informations about transmogrified items worn by player.

See also Transmogrification functions.


isTransmogrified, canTransmogrify, cannotTransmogrifyReason, hasPending, hasUndo, visibleItemID, textureName = GetTransmogrifySlotInfo(slot)



  • isTransmogrified - Return true when item is transmogrified. (boolean)
  • canTransmogrify - Return true if item can be transmogrified. (boolean)
  • cannotTransmogrifyReason - If canTransmogrify return false this variable will contain error code. Look for TRANSMOGRIFYINVALIDREASON global inside GlobalStrings.lua for more details. (number)
  • hasPending - (boolean)
  • hasUndo - (boolean)
  • visibleItemID - ItemID of the item used for transmogrification. (itemID)
  • textureName - Texture of item used for transmogrification. (textureName)