Returns information about a talent option

See also Talent functions.


talentID, name, texture, selected, available, spellid, tier, column, selected = GetTalentInfo(tier, column, talentGroup, isInspect, "inspectedUnit")


  • tier - Talent tier, ascending from 1. (number)
  • column - Talent column, ascending from 1. (number)
  • talentGroup - Index of the specialization group to return information about. (number)
  • isInspect - If non-nil, returns information based on inspectedUnit/classId. (boolean)
  • inspectedUnit - Inspected unit ID; if nil, the selected/available return values will always be false. (string)


  • talentID - Talent ID (string)
  • name - Name of the talent (string)
  • texture - Texture path to the talent's icon. (string)
  • selected - true if the talent is chosen, false otherwise. (boolean)
  • available - true if the talent tier is chosen, or if it is level-appropriate for the player and the player has no talents selected in that tier, false otherwise. (boolean)
  • spellid - The spell ID of the talent. (number)
  • tier - Talent tier, ascending from 1 (number)
  • column - Talent column, ascending from 1. (number)
  • selected - returns the same as selected? undocumented true reason. (boolean)