Return additional data about player specializations.

See also Talent functions.


id, name, description, icon, background, role, primaryStat = GetSpecializationInfo(specID, isInspect, isPet, "inspectTarget", gender)


  • specID - Non-global specialization ID number (number)
  • isInspect - True to request data of currently inspected unit (boolean)
  • isPet - True to request pet specialization (boolean)
  • inspectTarget - The unit to request data for, when inspecting (string)
  • gender - Used to return properly gendered text data, as returned by UnitSex(unit) (number)


  • id - Global specialization ID number (number)
  • name - Localized specialization name (string)
  • description - Localized specialization description used in talent tab (string)
  • icon - Path to specialization icon used in talent tab (string)
  • background - Name of background texture. Not used in current version of official UI (string)
  • role - Non-localized specialization role token, i.e. "DAMAGER", "HEALER" or "TANK" (string)
  • primaryStat - Primary stat, i.e. one of LE_UNIT_STAT_STRENGTH (1), LE_UNIT_STAT_AGILITY (2), LE_UNIT_STAT_INTELLECT (4) (number)


-- Return global ID of player current specialization.
id = GetSpecializationInfo(GetSpecialization());