Returns cooldown information about one of the player's rune resources. Note the placement of runes 3-4 (normally Unholy) and 5-6 (normally Frost) are reversed in the default UI. Also note the behavior of returned values differs slightly from most other GetXYZCooldown-style functions.

See also Player information functions, Class resource functions.


start, duration, runeReady = GetRuneCooldown(slot)


  • slot - Index of a rune slot, as positioned in the default UI: (number)
    • 1 - Leftmost
    • 2 - Second from left
    • 3 - Fifth from left (second from right)
    • 4 - Sixth from left (rightmost)
    • 5 - Third from left
    • 6 - Fourth from left


  • start - The value of GetTime() at the moment the cooldown began, or 0 if the rune is ready (number)
  • duration - The length of the cooldown (regardless of whether the rune is currently cooling down) (number)
  • runeReady - True if the rune can be used; false if the rune is cooling down (boolean)