Returns information about special countdown timers

See also Utility functions.


timer, value, maxvalue, scale, paused, label = GetMirrorTimerInfo(index)


  • index - Index of an available timer (between 1 and MIRRORTIMER_NUMTIMERS) (number)


  • timer - Non-localized token identifying the type of timer (string)

    • BREATH - Used for the Breath timer when swimming underwater
    • DEATH - Currently unused
    • EXHAUSTION - Used for the Fatigue timer when swimming far from shore
    • FEIGNDEATH - Used for the Hunter Feign Death ability

  • value - Number of seconds remaining before the timer expires (number)

  • maxvalue - Maximum value of the timer (number)

  • scale - Rate at which the timer bar should move (e.g. -1 for a slowly "emptying" bar, 10 for a quickly "filling" bar); unused in the default UI (number)

  • paused - 1 if the timer is currently paused; otherwise 0 (number)

  • label - Localized text to be displayed for the timer (string)