Returns information about the eligibility of an item to be used for transmogrification

See also Transmogrification functions.


canBeChanged, noChangeReason, canBeSource, noSourceReason = GetItemTransmogrifyInfo(itemID) or GetItemTransmogrifyInfo("itemName") or GetItemTransmogrifyInfo("itemLink")


  • itemID - An item's ID (number, itemID)
  • itemName - An item's name. This value will only work if the player has the item in their bags. (string)
  • itemLink - An item's hyperlink, or any string containing the itemString portion of an item link (string)


  • canBeChanged - Returns true when this item can be transmogrified. (boolean)
  • noChangeReason - If canTransmogrify returns false this will contain an error code. (string)
  • canBeSource - Returns true when an item can be transmogrified to this item. (boolean)
  • noSourceReason - If canBeSource returns false this will contain an error code. (string)