Returns information about how many of a given item the player has or on remaining item charges.

When the third argument includeCharges is true, the returned number indicates the total number of remaining charges for the item instead of how many of the item you have; e.g. if you have 3 Wizard Oils and one of them has been used twice, the returned value will be 13.

See also Item functions.


itemCount = GetItemCount(itemId, includeBank, includeCharges) or GetItemCount("itemName", includeBank, includeCharges) or GetItemCount("itemLink", includeBank, includeCharges)


  • itemId - An item id (number)
  • itemName - An item name (string)
  • itemLink - An item link (string)
  • includeBank - true to include items in the bank in the returned count, otherwise false (boolean)
  • includeCharges - true to count charges for applicable items, otherwise false (boolean)


  • itemCount - The number of the given item the player has in possession (possibly including items in the bank), or the total number of charges on those items (number)


_, link = GetItemInfo("Hearthstone")
-- nearly always returns 1 for most players

GetItemCount(34722, true) - GetItemCount(34722)
-- returns number of Heavy Frostweave Bandages in the player's bank (not counting those on hand)

GetItemCount("Drums of Speed", nil, true)
-- return of 99 could indicate player has two drums in inventory, one of which has been used only once