Returns information about a transaction in the log for a guild bank tab. Only returns valid information following the GUILDBANKLOG_UPDATE event which fires after calling QueryGuildBankLog().

See also Guild bank functions, Hyperlink functions.


type, name, itemLink, count, tab1, tab2, year, month, day, hour = GetGuildBankTransaction(tab, index)



  • type - Type of transaction (string)

    • deposit
    • move
    • repair
    • withdraw

  • name - Name of the guild member responsible for the transaction (string)

  • itemLink - A hyperlink for the item involved in the transaction (string, hyperlink)

  • count - Number of stacked items involved in the transaction (number)

  • tab1 - Index of the source tab, if the item was moved between tabs (number)

  • tab2 - Index of the destination tab, if the item was moved between tabs (number)

  • year - Number of years since the event occurred (number)

  • month - Number of months since the event occurred (number)

  • day - Number of days since the event occurred (number)

  • hour - Number of hours since the event occurred (number)