Returns information about a currency type (or headers in the Currency UI)

See also Currency functions.


name, isHeader, isExpanded, isUnused, isWatched, count, icon, maximum, hasWeeklyLimit, currentWeeklyAmount, unknown = GetCurrencyListInfo(index)



  • name - Name of the currency type or category header (string)
  • isHeader - True if this listing is a category header, false for actual currencies (boolean)
  • isExpanded - True if this listing is a category header whose contents are shown, false for collapsed headers and actual currencies (boolean)
  • isUnused - True if the player has marked this currency as Unused (boolean)
  • isWatched - True if the player has marked this currency to be watched on the backpack UI (boolean)
  • count - Amount of the currency the player has (number)
  • icon - Path to a texture representing the currency item (not applicable for Arena/Honor points) (string)
  • maximum - 0 if this currency has no limit, otherwise integer value with 2 extra zeros (e.g. 400000 = 4000.00 as in Justice Points and Honor Points) (number)
  • hasWeeklyLimit - 1 if this currency has a weekly limit (Valor Points), nil otherwise (number)
  • currentWeeklyAmount - amount of this currency obtained for the current week, nil otherwise (number)
  • unknown - possible deprecated slot for itemID? All known cases return nil (unknown)