Returns the number of achievements/statistics to display in a category.

Without the includeSuperseded parameter this function only returns the number of achievements displayed in the default UI. The includeSuperseded parameter does not influence the number to be displayed in the default UI. Achievements may belong to a category but not be counted for display: e.g. among those which are part of a series (100 Quests Completed, 500 Quests Completed), only the achievement most recently completed and the achievement following it in the series are shown.

Note that numUncompleted only includes the visible uncompleted achievements, so in e.g. the series 10 quests -> 25 quests -> 100 quests -> 500 quests, if you've completed 80 quests (so "100 quests" comes next and "500 quests" is hidden), only "100 quests" counts towards numUncompleted.

BUG: for includeSuperseded=false the returned numItems is sometimes too high (as is numUncompleted)

See also Achievement functions.


numItems, numCompleted, numUncompleted = GetCategoryNumAchievements(id, includeSuperseded)


  • id - The numeric ID of an achievement/statistic category (number)
  • includeSuperseded - Whether to include achievements that are part of a series and are already completed (boolean)


  • numItems - Number of achievements or statistics to display in the category (number)
  • numCompleted - Number of completed achievements in the category (or 0 for statistics) (number)
  • numUncompleted - Number of uncompleted achievements in the category (or 0 for statistics) (number)