Fills a table with localized class names keyed by non-localized class tokens. Note that while localized class names have no gender in English, other locales have different names for each gender.

See also Locale-specific functions.


FillLocalizedClassList(table [, female])


  • table - An empty table to be filled (number)
  • female - True to fill the table with female class names; false or omitted to fill it with male class names (boolean)


-- prints the localized names for each class in the main chat window,
-- with each name in the appropriate color
local classes = {}
FillLocalizedClassList(classes, true)
for token, localizedName in pairs(classes) do
   local color = RAID_CLASS_COLORS[token];
   ChatFrame1:AddMessage(localizedName, color.r, color.g, color.b)