Returns information about an instance used by the Dungeon Journal.

See also _(API_CAT_EJ).


instanceName, instanceDesc, backgroundTexture, buttonTexture, titleBackground, iconTexture, mapID, instanceLink = EJ_GetInstanceInfo(instanceID)


  • instanceID - Unique instance ID of the instance (number)


  • instanceName - Title for the instance used in the Dungeon Journal. Not guaranteed to match GetRealZoneText return values. (string)
  • instanceDesc - Gossip description for the instance used in the Dungeon Journal. (string)
  • backgroundTexture - Texture to be used as a background for boss models in this instance. (string)
  • buttonTexture - Texture to be used for this instance in the dungeon selection. (string)
  • titleBackground - Texture to be used behind the instance name in the encounter list for the instance (above the gossip text) (string)
  • iconTexture - Texture to be used in the instance view's round instance button. Added in 6.0. (string)
  • mapID - The unique numeric map ID for the instance (number)
  • instanceLink - A clickable link to the instance using the current Dungeon Journal difficulty setting. (string)