Returns pet and spell IDs

See also Pet journal functions.


petID, petSpellID_slot1, petSpellID_slot2, petSpellID_slot3, locked = C_PetJournal.GetPetLoadOutInfo(slotIndex)


  • slotIndex - Pet slot index (1-3) (number)


  • petID - Pet ID (string, guid)
  • petSpellID_slot1 - Ability ID of the first ability (level 1/10) (number)
  • petSpellID_slot2 - Ability ID of the second ability (level 2/15) (number)
  • petSpellID_slot3 - Ability ID of the third ability (level 4/20) (number)
  • locked - false if the player can place a battle pet in this slot, true otherwise (boolean)