Returns the inventoryID corresponding to a bank item or bag slot. The results of this function can be used with GetInventorySlotInfo() and other related inventory functions.

See also Bank functions, Inventory functions.


inventoryID = BankButtonIDToInvSlotID(buttonID [, isBag])


  • buttonID - Numeric ID of an item or bag slot in the bank UI. The first item slot is numbered 1, while the first bag slot is numbered 5. (number)
  • isBag - 1 if the given ID corresponds to a bank bag slot; nil if the ID corresponds to an item slot (1nil)


  • inventoryID - An inventory slot ID usable with various Inventory API functions (number, inventoryID)


-- While mousing over a button in the bank
local button = GetMouseFocus()
print("Inventory Slot:", BankButtonIDToInvSlotID(button:GetID(), button.isBag))