This function or event no longer exists in version 6.0.2 (19034) of World of Warcraft. Please check the main API page for an up-to-date listing of the valid API functions

Returns a combined link for the surname and given name for a RealID. This is used by the chat subsystem. The RealID name can be described by either 1 or 2 |K links. If 2 are used the first link is the first name, and the second is the last name. This function combines the 2 links into a single link suitable for passing to BNet_GetPresenceID()

See also functions.


target, msg = BNTokenCombineGivenAndSurname("target")


  • target - Combines the RealID first and last names when they appear as 2 |K links (string)


  • target - The new combined |K link (string)
  • msg - Any remaining text (string)