Returns information about a RealID friend by index

See also functions.


presenceID, presenceName, battleTag, isBattleTagPresence, toonName, toonID, client, isOnline, lastOnline, isAFK, isDND, messageText, noteText, isRIDFriend, broadcastTime, canSoR = BNGetFriendInfo(friendIndex)



  • presenceID - auto incrementing ID, reset at each login. Persists across reload of UI, but not change of character (number)
  • presenceName - Full name of the friend, as a new form of chatlink. Visually looks like a string, but only when rendered. The real name of the friend for RealID friends. The BattleTag without the ID number for BattleTag friends. (string, Kstring)
  • battleTag - BattleTag of the friend, or nil if the friend does not have a BattleTag. (string)
  • isBattleTagPresence - A boolean indicating whether the friend is a RealID friend (false) or a BattleTag friend (true). (boolean)
  • toonName - Name of the active character tied to the BNet account (string)
  • toonID - (number)
  • client - The name of the game the friend is currently playing, if any; Returns nil if not online. Returns initialism for World of Warcraft ('WoW') (string)
  • isOnline - Online status (boolean)
  • lastOnline - (number)
  • isAFK - (boolean)
  • isDND - (boolean)
  • messageText - RealID broadcast message displayed below the user on your friends list (string)
  • noteText - The player's personal note for the friend; nil for no note (string)
  • isRIDFriend - (boolean)
  • broadcastTime - The number of seconds since the friend send the current broadcast (number)
  • canSoR - Whether or not this friend can receive a Scroll of Resurrection (boolean)