This function or event no longer exists in version 6.0.2 (19034) of World of Warcraft. Please check the main API page for an up-to-date listing of the valid API functions

Sets the current Encounter Journal difficulty according to a bitmask.

Notes regarding the behavior of this function:

  • Any value below zero will not change the current diffculty setting.
  • A value of zero will set the current difficulty setting to 10-man normal
  • A value above zero that does not have the lowest four set (f.ex.: 16 [10000]) will set the current difficulty to 25-man normal
  • Of the lowest 4 bits of the value, only the lowest bit that is set to 1 will be parsed by the function.
    • For example, a value of 3 [0011] will set the current difficulty to 10-man normal, while a value of 6 [0110] will set the current difficulty to 25-man normal.




  • difficultyMask - A bitmask describing the difficulty to select. All bits past the lowest 1 bit are discarded. (number, bitfield)
    • 1 [0001] - 10-man normal
    • 2 [0010] - 25-man normal
    • 4 [0100] - 10-man heroic
    • 8 [1000] - 25-man heroic