1. Something i'm seeing that's happening a lot recently is that Blizzard seems to put a lot of functions under a C_ table. such as CScenario.IsInScenario(), CScenario.IsChallengeMode() and so on. At first i thought its because they were more specific calls just for a certain blizzard file/addon and the currently listed functions are good enough, but it doesnt seems to be the case

    Example: GetChallengeMode() seems to be an API call that returns 1nil based on the Dungeon Difficulty set to Challenge or not, while C_Scenario.IsChallengeMode() is an API that returns a true/false boolean if you're currently inside a challenge mode.

    Definitely two different functions, so why is this website not listing one of them? Considering they're going to continue doing this into warlords (as found by the CGarrisons, CTimer and moving many mount and pet-related functions inside C_MountJournal, i feel like this is something the website should take into consideration.

    That is...unless they're listed under a separate page outside the API functions pages and i've missed it or there is a specific reason why those aren't listed, which would be interesting to know.

    I don't know about the issue at hand, but I was just looking for some pet journal functions, and they were nowhere to be found. I could've sworn there were here.

    Found this page by Google, and it says the function is removed, which I'm pretty sure isn't the case. http://wowprogramming.com/docs/api/C_PetJournal.GetPetInfoByPetID

    So there's something fishy here.