1. I'm really not trying to be a pita, sorry. =/

    From Shadowed's post:

    &llt;p&lgt;Preview for editing API references isn't working, all it does is show a link with "Change", and two buttons "Save" and "Cancel" but no actual preview.&llt;/p&lgt; &llt;p&lgt;Would be nice if Arguments and Returns were bigger, since right now you have to copy it to another editor and then paste it back since it's too small to work with.&llt;/p&lgt; &llt;p&lgt;Kind of hard to see the object types for returns, since their at the end with brackets around them, maybe put them at the start so it's something like "&llt;var&lgt; [&llt;type&lgt;] - &llt;description&lgt;" so it's a bit more obvious?&llt;/p&lgt;

    And, I went to add that info ^^ to my post, wouldn't let me edit. I got: Sorry, that action is not allowed