1. Having mentioned an Event change before, you informed me that your RSS feed keeps you updated on changes. In any case, I am still baffled by what to put where on the edit page in order to update. Would it be possible to put a quick how-to into the page code, or post an unsaved example screenshot somewhere on the site giving details on what is correct?

    The latest I tried to update is the 4.1 changes to CLEU, with a mind to update the signature and return values. Currently the CLEU page gives a bare bones explanation with a blank signature, but doesn't give you the parameters. My goal was a more fleshed out info page.


    You can see the format for entering parameters by clicking edit on an event with parameters.

    Unfortunately I just haven't been able to find time for a HOWTO for editing documentation simply because of how much would need to be covered. I'll try very hard to get something written up, but it's hard enough trying to keep up with the edits that are being made and making edits myself that I find it difficult to take time out to write a guide.

    The easiest way to learn is, as Cayenne says, to look at a function that has already been documented and to use that style when building a new page. I've edited the event page in question so you can see how they can be documented.