1. At the top of the page, the parts that says "You are logged in as 'username' (Logout)" and the searchbox are underneath the image that says "World of Warcraft Programming". You can't click anything in the lower layers, only the embedded link to go back to the home page.

    I am using IE8, "Version: 8.0.6001.18702CO".

    I do not have access to IE8 at the moment, so troubleshooting something like this is a bit out of my ability. I'll see what I can do to fix it, but you can reach all of those sections elsewhere on the site if necessary. Could you at the very least post a screenshot and link it here?

    Site Layout Bug

    Clicking anywhere in that corner of the header takes me back to the home page.

    So the issue is that you can't login or register. Can you click the other links (Reference, Chapters, Forums, etc.)?

    You can go to the login page, and I'll try to figure out a way to make it work in IE.

    Yes, I can click all the other links on the site. I managed to guess the URL to register, and the forums have a link to login, so I've managed to bypass that.

    I don't know of another place to use the search option though. Even though the search box isn't covered by the "World of Warcraft Programming, I'm guessing there's a transparent part of the image that extends to the top-left corner.

    Layers Picture

    Clicking anywhere in that rectangle takes me back to the home page, so the search box is also unusable.

    The search just uses google with site:wowprogramming.com. I'll see what I can do about using another positioning system for those boxes, but it's really difficult for me to make changes that I can't test.

    I've explicitly set the width of those elements to 100%, perhaps that will fix IE. Browsershots.org says it does, but who knows.