1. Looking up the use of UnitBuff and found a page that should not be there:


    Any why should this page not be there? This is a valid active API function, so you'll need to please explain what you mean.

    What he means, and i get this all the time with the crappy site search is a lot of function pages in the google results have a ) or ( at the end of them. Somewhere there is probably a bad href="" either here or on another site.

    1. Why is the site search 'crappy'? I've never had a problem getting valid search results using it.
    2. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to control other pages that are linking to mine improperly. As far as I know there are no pages on the site itself that do this.
    3. I'll look into providing better 404 pages so this isn't as much of an issue.. but that's a non-trivial exercise at the moment.

    1, Why i try and search for something I get the live, diff and ptr version, meaning i then need to use -diff -ptr. I have also noticed that search for things such as GlobalStrings some pages aren't indexed. When I have a example I'll add it.

    2, You can't but it seams like most functions have the erroneous link so its probably one site linking back to wowprogramming

    3, Google does recognize 404 like pages even if they aren't served with a 404 header.

    If you have any links to information on #3 that would help. Thank you!

    Google Web Master Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oya9Pl7ukNo Article that basically restates the video http://www.elevatelocal.co.uk/blog/what-is-a-crypto-404-07031781

    Sorry I can't a whole lot of info on it

    I just went with a direct 404, the problem should eventually resolve itself.