1. Jim,

    For some reason, a thread that I started is broken. You can find it here: http://wowprogramming.com/forums/development/300

    I wanted to continue this discussion (I created the code you suggested and it works marvelously! And I had a follow-up question.) but I can't seem to load the thread anymore. It gives this when I try to view the thread:

     Sputnik ran but failed due to an unexpected error.
     Error details:
     ...b/luarocks/rocks//cosmo/8.04.14-1/lua/cosmo/fill.lua:86: ...s//sputnik/cvs-1/lua/sputnik/actions/collections.lua:99: attempt to compare nil with number
     stack traceback:
        [C]: in function '(for generator)'
        ...b/luarocks/rocks//cosmo/8.04.14-1/lua/cosmo/fill.lua:86: in function <...b/luarocks/rocks//cosmo/8.04.14-1/lua/cosmo/fill.lua:46>
        [C]: in function 'match'
        ...b/luarocks/rocks//cosmo/8.04.14-1/lua/cosmo/fill.lua:112: in function <...b/luarocks/rocks//cosmo/8.04.14-1/lua/cosmo/fill.lua:106>
        (tail call): ?
        ...s//sputnik/cvs-1/lua/sputnik/actions/collections.lua:150: in function 'action_function'
        ...b/luarocks/rocks//sputnik/cvs-1/lua/sputnik/init.lua:295: in function <...b/luarocks/rocks//sputnik/cvs-1/lua/sputnik/init.lua:223>
        (tail call): ?

    All the other ones I've tried seem to work fine.


    Fixed, not sure what happened. Thanks.