1. Someone might want to confirm this, but I thought it could be noted on the CalendarGetNumDayEvents page that it will count the Blizzard created events in month offset 1 out to the second Tuesday of that month. I haven't tested -1, but I have had a second source open their calendar run a quick command /run local t=CalendarGetNumDayEvents(1,#); print("Number of events:" ..t) and they were getting the same results. It does continue to count events created by players, just not Blizzard events such as battleground holidays, etc.

    Hope this helps someone, as it would've saved me about 30min debugging time! lol

    Not sure what you mean. The documentation on that page is as follows:

    Returns the number of calendar events on a given day

    It doesn't say anything about Blizzard events. Could you please tell me where you saw the bad information?

    I didn't say there was bad information, but without knowing something like this, and neither this site or Wowwiki stating that it does only count the Blizzard created events out to the second Tuesday of the month, it could cause people to spend needless time debugging, as I did. If this type information isn't for this site then I apologize, though I never stated it should be noted either.

    Think about it, have you ever debugged something to find out it was an internal limitation that wasn't documented? If it were documented you wouldn't have wasted the time or gone through the stress of figuring out why you didn't get your expected results. To quote Nafe on the Blizzard forums "A lot of documentation is only fully created when players try to use the API themselves."

    Of course, but then again I'm not entirely sure what precisely the issue or limitation you're discussing is. As of right now you're one of the experts on the topic. I suggest if you feel further clarification is necessary (and it sounds like it is) that you click the edit button on that page, and edit the description. I think it would be useful to the readers, and it's a way to contribute back to the site.

    Ah! I didn't even see the edit button. I will do just that, as soon as the realms are back up and I can test to see if the same limitation exists with -1 as the offset. Thanks!