1. XSSFilter could not parse (X)HTML

    Would be nice if Arguments and Returns were bigger, since right now you have to copy it to another editor and then paste it back since it's too small to work with.

    I've made the text boxes bigger by default, and all textareas on the edit forms are now resizeable by default.

    Preview for editing API references isn't working, all it does is show a link with "Change", and two buttons "Save" and "Cancel" but no actual preview.

    I've fixed the preview functionality for API functions.

    Another idea to make editing easier: perhaps the table serializer could be modified to produce easier-to-use code for table keys/values that are strings. Here's some pseudocode:

    For string values:

    if it contains non-printable characters
        use " and escape codes
    elseif it contains newlines or both " and '
        use long string format with the shortest permutation of %[=*%[ that will work
    elseif it contains "
        use '
        use "

    For string keys:

    if it's a valid identifier
        use . indexer
        use [ ] indexer, following the same rules for values (except don't use
        long strings)