1. Where is the search button or is it me?

    Where is the search button or is it me?

    There isn't a search forum, there aren't many posts on the site to contend with and I haven't had an opportunity to implement a search or full site-mapping yet so we can use google's search.

    lua site:wowprogrammingcom does not work in google either so there is no way to search at all, although there is not many posts and it is low traffic as you put it, it still takes a considrable time to read every post that is not relevent to what your looking for, in case a reply has some information you want.

    Kinda makes the forums less usefull then they could be and thats a shame as this is the only forum / book regarding the wow programming subject that has consise information and this site could easily have a great community forum for wow programming and could be an even better resource.

    Damn it can't edit my posts, also with out a search feature duplicate issues regarding the same problem are going to come up alot more than they shoul duplicate posts on the same subject really make it hard to locate given inforamtion.

    Then give me time.. I'm only one person and can't be writing books, creating addons, coding the website and doing everything else I have in my life all at the same time.  Some things are just higher priority, but getting the google sitemap back up is a priority of mine.