• Ability to change the size of the weblua window

    • DONE Ability to specify float for images

    • Won't do Rather than concatenating the short and long descriptions, the long description should be moved underneath the returns section

    • DONE Sort the values lists for parameters and returns in api docs

    • APIs flagged as "protected" don't have any indication of such

    • TODO It seems the protected flag is currently being used to mark functions that require hardware events as well as functions that are forbidden to insecure code. There needs to be some distinction between the two.

    • DONE - Tabbing from Page Title (or Short Description on API pages) should go to the text box instead of the formatting buttons

    • The flags that replace the short description on /docs/api don't do the same for /docs/api_categories (internal, deprecated, etc.). E.g.: GetTrainerServiceStepIncrease

    • DONE - The anchors on the api categories page shouldn't surround the headings (makes them look like links)

    • DONE - Sort forum posts by last post

    • DONE - The individual values in a values list on an api page should be surrounded by code tags (e.g. docs/api/GetItemInfo).

    • DONE - Would it be possible to give a non-black color to <code>? #996633 looks nice in my testing...

    • Whitespace is being incorrectly removed from code blocks.

      left` `right


      test<code> </code>test

      test test

    • FIXED - Within-page anchor links don't render properly, requiring the use of full relative urls and an unnecessary page re-load. E.g.:

      This links to an [anchor](#test)

      This links to an anchor

      This one actually [works](/forums/website/3#test)

      This one actually works

      <a name="test"></a>Hello


    • FIXED - (for most browsers) If any one item in a list has multiple paragraphs, all of the items are rendered with extra whitespace.

    • After making/editing a forum post, it should bring you back to the forum thread rather than the individual post's page.

    • The Note field of API docs doesn't manifest itself in any way