1. Hey there James,

    I just saw that you put out the second edition to WoWProgramming so I picked one up to add it to my collection. Thanks!

    What really brought me here was to see if you were going to do a book for the new Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor and it's scripting language. Considering the success I had with your WoW Programing text, I'd love to see you put one out for it.

    What do you say, hmm?



    No, there are currently no plans for something like that. Thanks for the feedback!

    Ah too bad. I have a feeling it would have been a great book. :)

    Good luck with WoWProgramming 2nd Ed. Amazon just sent me an email letting me know it's been shipped and I'm looking forward to checking out all the updated material.


    Just got the 2ed in today and it looks very nice. Thanks!