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Programming a game posted by xxrhemte
Hello world, My friends and I have recently decided on programming a MMORPG similar to WOW and SAO. You can refer to it as SCO here. Anyway, I was curious about what outline software we should use at first, preferably one which works well with oth...
2014/08/18 05:13:57 by xxrhemte
White Crab Spider posted by fishman10
This is my favorite spider photograph I have taken. Its a White Crab Spider on a purple flower. http://jareddavidsonphotography.blogspot.com/2014/07/white-crabspider-on-purple-flower.html
2014/08/07 15:09:28 by fishman10
Unknown red and black insects posted by fishman10
I was walking the backyard yesterday trying to find something to photograph and came across these red and black beetles. There were hundreds of them in a single 1 square foot area. I have no idea what kind they are. If you have any guess let me know...
2012/04/22 13:21:13 by fishman10
im at a loss for words posted by boosk
i was browsing through ebay earlier and came across the strangest listing i have ever seen: (http://www.ebay.com/itm/330704123556?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 "") i cant stop laughing at it!! does this guy seriously think th...
2012/03/18 23:54:06 by boosk
WoWPv2.0 & Question posted by zenasprime
Hey there James, I just saw that you put out the second edition to WoWProgramming so I picked one up to add it to my collection. Thanks! What really brought me here was to see if you were going to do a book for the new Starcraft 2 Galaxy Edit...
2011/07/27 03:55:21 by romancefer
This afternoon I will be going into the hospital for surgery prep, and won't be released from the hospital for another 7-10 days afterwards. Once I've been released, I'm not sure what state I will be in as far as having time to work on my addons and ...
2011/07/27 03:54:01 by romancefer
To the Authors: posted by Sarley
Thank you! I'm a first-time programmer, Lua and XML will be my first languages aside from basic HTML in high school, and already I'm thoroughly enjoying this book (purchased yesterday)! I'm working my way through the first chapters and with your ...
2010/10/16 01:39:09 by uywfhoi
*post removed*
2010/10/12 08:44:12 by uywerop
New discussion topic posted by galvin
How do you use code tags. When I press the code button it shows this `` To me that doesn't tell me anything. Most websites use . A help page explaining tags would be nice.
2010/10/07 03:08:03 by sdghyulmr
*post removed*
2010/03/06 00:22:17 by jnwhiteh
Two bat emergence videos posted by fishman10
*post removed*
2010/02/17 20:55:38 by jnwhiteh
I just finished chapter 12 and Combat Tracker, and I am really digging this book. I must say the amount of effort and time you guys put into the book really shows.  Hopefully this will be my only useless post, but I couldn't help myself. Also, I...
2008/08/20 09:34:59 by jnwhiteh
With regard to formatting my topics. How do I get line breaks to show up as line breaks after I save? They look fine as I type but once I save, the posting is one long run-on. I tried the line formats i.e. - . Do I use the H1 header things per li...
2008/07/25 17:03:53 by bonbon101
I just picked up the World of Warcraft Programing book from Amazon and love it. Iread 3 chapters already. Very useful
2008/05/17 23:34:45 by jnwhiteh
It would also be nice to be able to delete posts as well as edit them. Thanks, t
2008/05/17 23:34:44 by jnwhiteh
I am just curious. What does Lua do that modern Basic can't? And I think that Basic is even easier to learn.
2008/05/17 23:34:44 by trav
and perhaps people will set up websites like some of the authors have done and ask for donations. I have a big curious or three. Do they ever get much money? Say enough to maintain a web site if required, or buy that next big old graphics card or n...
2008/05/17 23:34:44 by trav