1. Hello I am looking to make an addon that would adjust the default price type in the auctions tab to per unit instead of per stack. I am wondering if this is possible and which if any of these methods would be the fastest.

    a. I would do it with a script if I could, the closest I have come is the StartAuction command but the options don't include the auction price type (per stack or per unit). These are all the options for StartAuction command: StartAuction(minBid, buyoutPrice, runTime, stackSize, numStacks).

    b. If I can't do it with a script, I find a way to make an addon that modifies the blizzard_auctionUI (If that is allowed? I don't know pls tell me). It would modify either the Auction UI or the Auctions tab to set the default price type to per unit instead of per stack on load.

    c. I create a whole new auctions tab and find a way to put the default price type as per unit instead of per stack.

    I know I could solve this with some auction house addons, just download them but I don't like having all the addon data from scans (I use wowuction website+ TSM wowuction module)