1. Hey guys. Im not that great with .lua but I put together concepts decently. Heres my attempt at a question to any scripter who can help.

    You can find the files here...


    Im using Shadowed Unit Frames and I opened the addon in Atom editor. I was trying to create a custom tag called "State Timer". Im getting confused trying to trace through what comes from where so I decided to ask here. Im looking for a tag like this... (lines are from github not atom and Im quoting only this next article)


    line 534 - ["afk:time"] = [[function(unit, unitOwner)

    I noticed that makes a tag for either the AFK or DND state with a timer. Thats all fine but my problem came up when I got here...

    line 525 - ["status:time"] = [[function(unit, unitOwner)

    This only makes the tag "OFF". The function on...

    line 808 - ["status"] = [[function(unit, unitOwner)

    ... states "Dead", "Ghost", or "Offline". The problem with the "status" tag is theres no timer.

    Can anyone help me fit both the full "afk" and "status" functions together into one SUF timer tag.

    Also if thats to much work to set up and to much editing has to be done, then I also found this .lua script...


    Maby if I state that function in the tag and make an argument out of the printed string then I can turn it on an off for each "status" and "afk" tag. Personally I dont know the syntax to write it but maby that is easier for you.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced.

    Iv been messing around with Shadowed Unit Frames and Im now changing this to a Looking For Coder Post. This Process seems kinda simple to me but i still dont know syntax so Ill try to give you as much info as possible but I have another concept going on for a picture tag. Id like to post the code in the end so that future players looking through here will find the correct code.

    Btw - With the first post, I do get that I might have to back up into the local files and add an argument in a local function to use the already programmed time function. Shouldnt be hard I just dont completely know what Im doing.