1. Hi,

    i have worked a little bit with the example from chapter 13 ("Target Text"). Now I want to show the target-portrait (the unit-picture which is shown in the original target-frame) in my "target-text"-frame - but i have no idea, how i could realize this...



    In these cases, the best thing you can do is look directly at the Blizzard code that accomplishes this.  For example, in TargetFrame.lua, you have the following:

                <Layer level="BORDER">

                    <Texture name="TargetTextPortrait">


                            <AbsDimension x="64" y="64"/>



                            <Anchor point="TOPRIGHT">


                                    <AbsDimension x="-42" y="-12"/>







    This is what is used to create the actual portrait texture (although I've changed the name to be TargetTextPortrait).  Then you would in response to PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED run the following code:

    SetPortraitTexture(TargetTextPortrait, "target")

    This will cause the texture to be updated.  You will need to ensure you set the anchors on the texture to make sense so you can actually see it somewhere.  Hope this helps!