1. My addon SmartLoot has been long plagued by the issue of loot while in a group. So far as I have found, there is no way to /accurately/ determine whether an item can be looted while in a group. In the past I have tried comparing the item quality to the group threshold, but for obvious reasons this doesn't work when the item is being looted from a container (such as a reward bag from a dungeon) My latest idea is using GetLootSourceInfo, but since I have nothing to open at the moment, I'm not sure what the return is when the source is a container in inventory. Currently SmartLoot just grins and bears the "That item is still being rolled for" error text, but I would really like to get rid of it once and for all.

    Another issue I have seen come up a lot recently is the loot of inventory unique items (such as Miner's Coffee). I am aware of the GetItemUniqueness, but (at least for this item) there is no return from it. I would prefer not to dissect the tooltip text for unique items, but the "Cannot carry any more of those" annoys me.

    Any help with these minor issues would be appreciated :)