1. Hey Guys, my problem actually has to do with a WeakAura string I was using in MoP. But the question is regarding Blizzard frames and how they changed the Objective or Scenario frames.

    The aura replaced the standard Timer and showed the steps of the dungeon with timestamps next to it. It was using C_Scenario.GetCriteriaInfo() and C_Scenario.GetStepInfo() My thought was that they changed the challenge mode UI parts and now the game is using the ObjectiveFrame?

    The overall timer still starts and works fine, but the steps are not there anymore and just don't trigger. The original aura string is found here http://pastebin.com/3ReGRDjr if you're interested. (made by Maebybaby - Draenor EU, not me)

    I wanted to know what changed and tried to find out through /fstack but wasn't able to fully understand which frames are the ones I need.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS. I could also just post all the lua code from the weakaura but that would be alot and I didn't want to completely flood this post.

    Not super familiar with challenge modes, so I'm not sure how much help I will be able to be!

    The part that doesn't work is the boss listing, which is the same as in normal/heroic 5man, if that makes it easier