1. Hi,

    I've tried for a few days now to make my own add-on for the garrison mission UI. It is kind of a hobby to relax from the day job. but this hobby became very frustrating...

    I got stuck on adding a follower to a mission. I checked what others have done, but I don't understand why it works for them. To be more precise, the calls to the functions GarrisonMissionPageSetFollower, GarrisonMissionPageAddFollower or directly CGarrison.AddFollowerToMission result in: usage error CGarrison.AddFollowerToMission(missionID, followerID)

    I checked a hundred of times and it seems I do call the functions with the right arguments. I saw that it was reported as a bug on the beta version a few months back.

    Any help? :(

    Thank you all!

    I'm not familiar with those APIs, sorry =/