1. I was hoping GetItemSpell() would do it, but I just get back nil. Any ideas? I couldn't find the word tinker in the API at all. Thanks, Andy

    local texture = nil local slotID = GetInventorySlotInfo("HandsSlot") local start, duration, enable = GetInventoryItemCooldown("player", slotID) if (enable == 1) then local itemID = GetInventoryItemID("player", slotID) if (itemID) then

      print("Item ID", itemID)
      local spellName = GetItemSpell(ItemID)
      if (spellName) then
         local _,_,texture = GetSpellInfo(spellName)
         print("No spell found")

    end end

    Well, I've narrowed this down to the problem that GetSpellInfo() won't return info for a tinker by string, only by spell ID.

    I'm not sure how to work around that.