1. Hey there.

    I'd like to know if there is any way to run multiple slash commands of another addon. I.E. let's say I have the following commands:

    • /tsm get Peacebloom 10
    • /tsm get Silverleaf 20 These commands are used for TSM addon to get those items from a bank with a certain quantity, meaning I'd take 10x Peacebloom and 20x Silverleaf if run each one at a time. The command is /tsm get [item_name] [quantity]

    Obviously writing them in a macro didn't work as TSM (the addon in question) seemed to run only the later until no more Silverleaf was available to 'get', and only then run the first one. Or in other words, it ran the last slashcommand until it was no longer possible, and only then jumped to the first one, effectively giving me my total quantity of Silverleaf in the bank while I only wanted 20, before starting to give me the Peaceblooms.

    Is there any way through macro or any lua script to run both of them in that order?

    You could invoke the slash command functions directly but I think this might actually taint something. I think at one point there was a way to invoke them via the chat frame, but that's not feasible anymore.