1. Hey,

    I'm not addons developper but adapt some addons to make it works on WoW TBC 2.4.3 (im playing on a private server). Unfortunaly, my knowledges are still so limited and after dozen hours with no solutions I decided to ask for some help.

    It s an addon for healer similar to grid but with less options. This addon was made for WoTLK (3.3.5a) but everything works smoothly on 2.4.3 except the problem that I will try to expose clearly.

    First off, at the end of cb_SecureUnitButton.xml file there is :

    ``--pyreHealerFunctionSetBackdrop( this:GetAttribute("unit"), this); --Sets backdrop for buff types

                pyreHealer_Function_SetBackdropCorrect( this:GetAttribute("unit"), this);``

    now at the end of cbFunctionsMisc.LUA there is :

    ``function pyreHealerFunctionSetBackdropCorrect( unit, button )

    local n = 0;
    if(UnitBuff(unit, "Renew") == "Renew") then
        button:SetBackdrop({bgFile = "Interface/ICONS/Spell_Holy_Renew", edgeFile = "Interface/Tooltips/UI-Tooltip-Border", tile = true, tileSize = 14, edgeSize = 16, insets = { left = 4, right = 4, top = 4, bottom = 4 }});
        n = n + 1;
    if ( n == 0 ) then
        button:SetBackdrop({bgFile = "Interface/DialogFrame/UI-DialogBox-Background", edgeFile = "Interface/Tooltips/UI-Tooltip-Border", tile = false, tileSize = 32, edgeSize = 16, insets = { left = 4, right = 4, top = 4, bottom = 4 }});


    Normally (working on WoTLK), after using a renew on any of the frame raid UI, it will show an icon (renew) on the top left corner of the unitraid frame, and fade at the end of the renew. But on WoW TBC (2.4.3) the process doesn't go throught and instead (using Buggrabber) I collect an error, saying:

    CODEBLUE-3.1\cbfunctionsMisc.lua:681:Usage: UnitBuff("unit", index[,raidfiler]) CODEBLUE-3.1\cbFunctionmisc.lua:681: in function 'pyrehealerfunctionSetBackdropCorrect' string:"Onupdate":22:in function[s tring":OnUpdate"]:1

    Thanks for reading, any comments appreciate.

    Sorry, I do not provide assistance for private servers.

    Sorry to hear that, gonna still work around this error and try to get rid of it. thanks, and good continuation.