1. Hey guys actually this should be quite easy but its just not working.

    Im trying to Hide the Multibars connected to the MainMenuBar. It should work fine with the "Hide" function BUT its not.

    Doing stuff like

    • MainMenuBar:Hide()

    • MainMenuBarArtFrame:Hide()

    • MainMenuBarOverlayFrame:Hide()

    • MultiBarBottomLeft:Hide()

    • MultiBarBottomRight:Hide()

    • MultiBarLeft:Hide()

    • MultiBarRight:Hide()

    It'll hide the MainMenuBar, yes, but not the MultiBars and not the EXP Bar. As well i tried to avoid Event Handler (if existing)

    • MainMenuBar:SetScript("OnEvent", nil);

    • MainMenuBar:Hide();

    • MainMenuBarArtFrame:SetScript("OnEvent", nil);

    • MainMenuBarArtFrame:Hide();

    • MainMenuBarOverlayFrame:SetScript("OnEvent", nil);

    • MainMenuBarOverlayFrame:Hide();

    • MultiBarBottomLeft:SetScript("OnEvent", nil);

    • MultiBarBottomLeft:Hide();

    • MultiBarBottomRight:SetScript("OnEvent", nil);

    • MultiBarBottomRight:Hide();

    • MultiBarLeft:SetScript("OnEvent", nil);

    • MultiBarLeft:Hide();

    • MultiBarRight:SetScript("OnEvent", nil);

    • MultiBarRight:Hide();

    • MainMenuExpBar:SetScript("OnEvent", nil);

    • MainMenuExpBar:Hide();

    Not working at all.

    On the other hand, if i simply type /script MainMenuBar:Hide()into the Chatframe its all gone. ExpBar, MultiActionbarsFrames everything. Same for wowlua (addon). Its working fine there.

    Dont get it at all and i dont know how to solve this. Any ideas?