1. is there a way to make this work for me

    name, _, _, _, _, _, expires, _, _, _, _, = UnitBuff("Target", "Rip") if (name == "Rip")(expeires - GetTime()) if sec < 1 then retV = 1 end retV = 0 else

    I want to have the Script read the name then look at the time span then if its about to expire or the name doesn't exist on the target recast it? Ive already got a binding script I just need this to work and I'm not sure it will. Im going to bind this to my ( F ) key and make it my assist key.

    You can use something like that to determine whether or not you think you should re-cast the spell, but you will not be able to have the button make the decision of whether or not the spell should be re-cast. You must take all actions.