1. I want to have a mouse look that rebinds left and right click to hotkeys or macros.

    So after some searches I found a Mouse Look macro that also manages to rebind left and right click to strafe. I am wondering if there would be a simple way to rebind this to either hotkeys on the bar or to macros. I'm afraid I don't have much experience with more advanced macro making so I came looking for some help

    This is what I found.


    /run if IsMouselooking() then MouselookStop() SetBinding("BUTTON1","CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE") SetBinding("BUTTON2","TURNORACTION") else MouselookStart() SetBinding("BUTTON1","STRAFELEFT") SetBinding("BUTTON2","STRAFERIGHT") end

    This script rebinds left and right click to strafe and holds mouse look till pressed again. I'm also wondering past making it able to use left click and right click as skills, would it be possible to make a macro for targeting that allowed you to target whatever was in the center of your screen. Some thoughts I had was making a target macro that undoes the script temporarily and targets your mouseover target. The only trick would be making it always go back to the center of the screen.

    Further functionality could be an interact with target macro in the same fashion, that disables the mouse look. This would be for looting and talking to NPCs. I've though to include drop target as well in the original script to allow you to stop looting or targeting the NPC.