1. Im wondering if there is a way to Turn Spells like Death & Decay into a one click Macro that takes the use of the mouse out of the equation? Click the macro and D&D Drops on your Current Target. Or maybe Key Bind it. or Both at the same time.

    Not as far as I know. You used to be able to ping the map in the middle and it would drop it on you, but I believe this was not something Blizzard wanted and they disabled it.

    Well is there a way to do it using Visual C++ and LUA?

    I'm not going to help you 'bot' an action like this. No.

    While you cannot get a macro to click the mouse for you due to botting, you can make a macro that looks like this...

    /cast [@mouseover] Death and Decay

    You just need to have your cursor over something and it will position the D&D there, you just need to click to confirm to drop.

    Im not trying to bot this action I want it to be in game only.... do you think that it would be possible to do this using these commands?

    CameraOrSelectOrMoveStart() - Begin "Left click" in the 3D world. (protected 1.10) PROTECTED

    CameraOrSelectOrMoveStop([stickyFlag]) - End "Left click" in the 3D world. (protected 1.10) PROTECTED

    TurnOrActionStart() - Begin "Right Click" in the 3D world. (protected 1.10) PROTECTED

    TurnOrActionStop() - End "Right Click" in the 3D world. (protected 1.10) PROTECTED

    UseAction(slot[, checkCursor[, onSelf]]) - This instructs the interface to use the action associated with the specified ID, optionally on the player, regardless of target. (protected 2.0) PROTECTED

    No. Blizzard does not want this to be automated, so they removed it.

    Apologies, I didn't have much time to respond to you properly today.

    Blizzard explicitly removed the ability to do this in a previous patch. I respect the decisions that they made, so unfortunately I cannot provide much help to you.

    You would not be able to use those because they are protected. The only time you can get a script to use a spell for you is when it is a trade skill.

    OK guys ty for your feed back I do like it a lot. :)