1. Hi newbie here looking for some help. I am trying to move the Floating Combat Text though I can not find much info on it. I am able to hide it via CombatText:Show() and CombatText:Hide() but trying to use SetPosition("CENTER",UIParent,"CENTER", 0,0) isn't moving anything. I used this to set my Player and Target frames so they are level with each other since I was getting frustrated trying to line them up manually with the mouse haha. I'm pretty sure it is CombatText and not the SpellActivationOverlayFrame though. I am guessing the SpellActivationOverlayFrame is the area around yourcharacter that shows for example the chakra aura my priest is in? I have browsed through the reference API on here quiet a few times and can not seem to find anything on either CombatText or SpellActivationOverlayFrame. But I couldn't find anything on the PlayerFrame And TargetFrame or Target of Target etc. If anyone could point me in the direction of finding all of these references it would be much appreciated. /hug